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Educational Talks :

Dumpster Design provide workshops and talks based around a variety of topics. For schools and other educational talks we link to the curriculum and specific class projects. Our workshops are diverse and a bit different to usual workshops and our inspirational talks are fun too. If you are interested then please fill in the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Primary Schools

Workshops start at £200 for an informative welcome talk and an artsy session with head designer Daisy. It's a great idea to get the children to bring in old papers and magazines to get them to think of innovative ways of reusing materials in fashion.


These suit the curriculum of Key Stage 3 & 4 greatly as it will be informative about designing something from recycled materials, and the techniques we use. Secondary school workshops start at £200 for an informative lecture and a fun craft activity to fit your topics.


If there is a module or college course that you think will benefit from our workshop then we are happy to lend a hand! College workshops start at £200 and can be tailored around your topic of choice. Our workshops can help students learn the importance of reusing materials or to teach them techniques of folding for their assignment to better their knowledge and future.


Our founder and director Daisy Harris-Burland, of Dumpster Design is an inspirational guest speaker providing excellent talks and speaking for Universities on fashion or art. We can adapt to suit your module requirements or event topics - where she will speak about her experiences, fashion and the awareness of recycling and reusing materials into wearable art. University workshops start at £200.