Tony Wood
12th May 2016

Tony Wood Shoot

Tony Wood, local hair salon that has recently renovated their basement in to a ‘colour factory’ where customers can sit and relax while their colour develops.

Dumpster Design was delighted to collaborate with the salon to make two bespoke dresses. One was made entirely made from Tony Wood colour factory flyers, and the other made from eco cloth which is used to dye the hair. The eco cloth was dyed with bright hair dye to accentuate the idea of the colour factory.

This was a fun project for Dumpster to create as the project and permanent hair dye covered the majority of the studio as well as the garden.

The photo shoot for the bespoke dresses took place on the 4th May. We had a team of stylists, make-up artists and photographers who all had the idea of crafting a brightly coloured shoot to go along with the key theme of colour. Photography was done by Luke Barter with make up by Romona. Tony Wood also sent along their stylist Tanhaya to ensure the hair looked perfect on set.

Daisy from Dumpster Design added, ‘All in all very good shoot and relatively stress free… Huge thanks to everyone involved’.

For a more in-depth account of the day then head over to our blog to read about a few of the mishaps we encountered! 

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