Dumpster Suzuki in Vogue
3rd December 2015

Suzuki in Vogue

Suzuki's style extends beyond motorcycles at this year's Motorcycle Live, with a series of bespoke, dresses being modelled at the event, manufactured from Suzuki Genuine Parts.

Three dresses are on display at the Suzuki stand, and on Saturday models will be wearing the dresses for the show’s launch. Each is a bespoke design, encompassing and reflecting various elements of Suzuki's motorcycling heritage and activity.

Designed by Dumpster Design, the first – ‘Celebrating the one you love’ celebrates 30 years of Suzuki's iconic GSX-R range, and utilises various parts that make up Suzuki's GSX-R machines, including the GSX-R 30 logo and decals from the GSX-R. The second ‘Protecting the one you love’ marks Suzuki's return to MotoGP and the tie-up with ECSTAR oil, and features bike panels and parts reconstructed in to the armour of a Samurai Warrior.

The third ‘Made for the one you love’ promotes Suzuki's Vintage Parts programme, which highlights the Japanese manufacturer's commitment to helping owners of older Suzuki machines maintain and restore them with genuine parts. The dress comprises of a wide range of Vintage Parts along with their packaging.

Suzuki GB Aftersales Marketing Co-ordinator, Tim Davies, said, "The dresses being modelled at Motorcycle Live are another way for us to showcase Suzuki's creativity, diversity, but also highlight our range of genuine parts. We're a brand that is committed to quality when it comes to producing parts for our machines, and that is evident in the quality of the dresses. Plus they look fantastic."

Daisy Harris-Burland from Dumpster Design added, "As a motorbike rider myself it was a real privilege to be commissioned by Suzuki. It’s been a challenge and great fun to get so ‘hands-on’ with the materials, see how their textures and form work, and how they can be transformed into dresses. It’s not often you find your self cutting up bike parts – there’s been lots of drilling and sawing! 

The dresses will be modelled at Saturday 28 November and 2pm, but will also be on display on mannequins throughout the event.

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Dumpster Suzuki in VogueDumpster Suzuki in VogueDumpster Suzuki in VogueDumpster Suzuki in VogueSuzuki Dumpster Suzuki in VogueDumpster Suzuki in Vogue