Strong Island Stand Out
25th September 2015

Strong Island Stand Out

Portsmouth-based Dumpster Design has joined forces with Strong Island and Community Fusion to bring together local young creatives and volunteers to construct a stunning bespoke dress made entirely from out of date promotional materials.

The main aim of the collaboration was to offer local creatives the opportunity to learn new skills and get involved in the creation of one of Dumpster Design’s work of art dresses. Community Fusion volunteers along with students from Havant College and Portsmouth Academy for girls took part in the project.

Dumpster Design dresses are a powerful concept of wearable art created from unusable and surplus materials – in this case out of date flyers and calanders were no longer fit for their original purpose.  The dress offers a positive way to support sustainability and repurpose materials in an eye catching and utterly unique way.

Daisy Harris-Burland, Dumpster Design’s founder and designer says, “This has been a fantastic opportunity to work with Strong Island and Community Fusion to design, create and work with such a wonderful group of young volunteers.  The end result is not only striking but also encompasses iconic aspects of the nautical Strong Island brand with over 300 origami boats and 200 anchor medallions intertwined in the design of the dress.

“This has been a great opportunity for our charity to get involved from the designing to the showcasing of the finished dress by Dumpster Design. Having worn some of their creations before it was great to be more involved! Both Strong Island and Dumpster Design are ‘Friends of Fusion’ meaning they support our charity in any way they can; from media coverage to dressing our team for promotional events.” - Jenna Boyson

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