New Company Car!
7th April 2016

New Company Car!

We’re so delighted to share our new Dumpster Design branded car with you, however, it is not without a little sadness too.

Unfortunately Daisy, our founder and designer was involved in a car accident that meant our original beloved car’s life was brought to a rather abrupt end.  You’ll be glad to hear that Daisy was ok but her paper folding abilities were certainly hindered by a cracked rib and fractured hand. It also affected other work for Dumpster Design such as a wedding dress studio shoot and the London bridal show a few days after.

We rely heavily on our car to transport dresses around for fashion shows, photo shoots and delivery of commissioned pieces direct to client.

Although this disturbed Dumpsters busy schedule, it didn’t stop Daisy from getting back up and starting again, with a new company car, equipped with new Dumpster Design graphics.

Things have been looking up for Dumpster after that as Daisy is creating a dress for Fedrigoni, an Italian paper company specialising in the production of fine papers.

Daisy Harris-Burland from Dumpster Design added, ‘My fingers have never felt so nimble and I’ve begun embarking on a La Traviata inspired Italian opera dress for an awards event at the end of month’.

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New Company Car!New Company Car!New Company Car!