Radical Designer of the Year!
31st October 2013

Radical Designer of the Year!

Daisy Harris-Burland, Creative Director of Dumpster Design, has been crowned Radical Designer of the Year 2013 at the FDC Young Designer Awards.The event, held in London last weekend, saw Daisy’s “Seven Deadly Sins” collection wow the judges and audience, beating off fierce competition from 6 well-established finalists who each submitted a minimum 6-piece collection.This title is just the latest achievement for the unique young designer, whose bespoke collections made f....

Aspiring Fashion Students
15th October 2013

Aspiring Fashion Students

Daisy from Dumpster Design was asked to sit on the 'Panel of Experts' last Friday for a Fashion Seminar held at The Portsmouth Grammar School. With local University and College students in attendance it was an honor to share knowledge on the fashion industry. Also on the panel were Simon Ward, CEO of the British Fashion Council and Penny Mordaunt, local Government MP..

Dumpster Design and Dior on show
14th October 2013

Dumpster Design and Dior on show

Local fashion designer, Daisy Harris-Burland wowed the public last weekend when she unveiled her one off bespoke creation for worldwide company Dior in a stunning window display at Portsmouth’s Knight and Lee store. Daisy has previously commented that she is flattered to be associated with the influential fashion brand and has further spoken about the collaboration since the completion of the dress;"I am so happy with the outcome, the end result is a real show stopper and looks fa....

Liverpool Fashion Week
10th October 2013

Liverpool Fashion Week

Dumpster Design is honored to have been asked to make a dress to headline Liverpool Fashion Week. The dress was created from over 100 lifestyle magazines. Merseyside's award winning publication. Amanda Moss, Liverpool fashion week Co-ordinatior said this about the collaboation."ican't wait to showcase the dress at Liverpool Fashion Week, so clever and unusual. Thank you so much, It is going to take pride of place in the exhibition at Lambrini Liverpool Fashion week".

Dumpster joins The Cult
9th October 2013

Dumpster joins The Cult

Locally-based fashion design house, Dumpster Design has selected The Cult PR to represent it. The two companies joined forces earlier this year at The Brighton Fashion Week’s Sustain show when Dumpster Design’s Creative Director, Daisy Harris-Burland, designed and created a dress made entirely from The Cult PR’s surplus promotional materials (see below).Daisy is very excited to be working with Cult PR who, she says, “understand the unique edge” of her company.....


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