Tony Wood
12th May 2016

Tony Wood Shoot

Tony Wood, local hair salon that has recently renovated their basement in to a ‘colour factory’ where customers can sit and relax while their colour develops.Dumpster Design was delighted to collaborate with the salon to make two bespoke dresses. One was made entirely made from Tony Wood colour factory flyers, and the other made from eco cloth which is used to dye the hair. The eco cloth was dyed with bright hair dye to accentuate the idea of the colour factory.This was a fun....

New Company Car!
7th April 2016

New Company Car!

We’re so delighted to share our new Dumpster Design branded car with you, however, it is not without a little sadness too.Unfortunately Daisy, our founder and designer was involved in a car accident that meant our original beloved car’s life was brought to a rather abrupt end. You’ll be glad to hear that Daisy was ok but her paper folding abilities were certainly hindered by a cracked rib and fractured hand. It also affected other work for Dumpster Design such as a we....

Dumpster Suzuki in Vogue
3rd December 2015

Suzuki in Vogue

Suzuki's style extends beyond motorcycles at this year's Motorcycle Live, with a series of bespoke, dresses being modelled at the event, manufactured from Suzuki Genuine Parts.Three dresses are on display at the Suzuki stand, and on Saturday models will be wearing the dresses for the show’s launch. Each is a bespoke design, encompassing and reflecting various elements of Suzuki's motorcycling heritage and activity.Designed by Dumpster Design, the first – ‘Ce....

Strong Island Stand Out
25th September 2015

Strong Island Stand Out

Portsmouth-based Dumpster Design has joined forces with Strong Island and Community Fusion to bring together local young creatives and volunteers to construct a stunning bespoke dress made entirely from out of date promotional materials.The main aim of the collaboration was to offer local creatives the opportunity to learn new skills and get involved in the creation of one of Dumpster Design’s work of art dresses. Community Fusion volunteers along with students from Havant College and....

Dumpster Design in the Shops!
6th July 2015

Lectures at The Portsmouth Grammar School

Dumpster Design was delighted when asked to give lectures last Friday at The Portsmouth Grammar School. Our lead designer Daisy went along and spoke to seven separate groups of all ages ranging from Yr 8 - Yr 11 about the design industry along with a small hands on workshop at the end of each session. The sessions were informative and creative and we hope to have inspired some of the younger generation!.


19 Aug
#saturdaystyle winters approaching and here at Dumpster we think this tissue dress is a necessity. #Trashion...
18 Aug
#fashionFriday make Fridays fun by splashing some paint on your dress #whynot #trashion #upcycle #sustainablefashion
16 Aug
#WaybackWednesday wearing jaycloths because we love to be practical #Trashion #photoshoot #upcycle
14 Aug
Maybe our mannequins can come to good use? #upcycle
14 Aug
RT: This look titled "Vino de Amor" was created using over hundreds of wine corks, newspaper mache, and wire. #trashion...
14 Aug
How many faces do you think are on this dress? #Questiontime #trashion #upcycle
09 Aug
So many dresses in the studio you've got to put them somewhere! #DressOnTheCeiling #upcycle #Trashion
07 Aug
#MondayMotivation When you love making dresses you can't help but smile! #upcycle #cheekysmile #trashion